Monday, September 20, 2010

Traveling Addiction! :D

I love my job... the only problem is that it is not my true passion or dream. It is part of my dream and I really enjoy the empowerment I have to help and assist others, but at the end of the day it is not what I live for. So why am I still there and not pursuing my true dream? Because a great part of me LOVES to travel. Once you travel for free it is really hard to resign and walk away from a job that gives you wings around the world. I am still wondering how I can do it LOL and I am still there LOL I also work with a number of really really wonderful people who care about others and do their best to be of service to those in need. I know there are people like that in all walks of life, but that personality type seems very concentrated within the group of people I work with :D I am just taking things one day at a time. I am going on one more big trip and then I will focus on my true dream. That seems to be what I always say... but this time I really mean it! LOL Really!!! LOL I know I can always count on myself to crack myself up. But seriously, it is hard to put my feet down and just do the walk. I am currently working on doing just that.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Emosi Damuni Damuni II

I went to a funeral service today and it was very beautiful. I have known this man my whole life as I lived back and forth between American Samoa and Hawaii, but on the other hand I never really knew him. I have always had and do have love in my heart for the Damuni family because my grandparents and parents love them. Its the kind of love that is part me because I choose to love and the other part is like an inherited love because my family loves them. Although I have love in my heart for him I never really knew Brother Damuni and I was afraid of him because he was very fierce in appearance.

We are in the same ward, so this morning I went to help serve the morning refreshment. I really enjoyed doing that. I enjoyed sharing food which I feel also is a comfort to those who came to eat. When all the food for the morning had been served, I went into the chapel and waited for the service to start. I really really enjoyed everything about the service. It was about two hours long and I enjoyed it immensely. When I heard Brother Damuni had passed I actually looked forward to participating in his service because I wanted to learn more about who he was. It was very very nice and heartwarming to hear all that his family had to say in his honor and memory.

Although I was somewhat afraid of Brother Damuni when I was in my youth :D okay and into my adulthood :) I always have and still do admire him. I admired the pride and self-respect he had for who he was and where he came from. Even at a young age I felt his love for his people and his culture shine through all that he did. He was Fijian in every breath that he took and I have always looked up to him for that. I truly believe he was and still is a leader with great presence and strong leadership qualities and whats more is that I see those same qualities he has in his children and grandchildren. What an awesome legacy to leave behind.

I am really truly grateful to have witnessed his farewell from this earth. I admire the man even more and I look forward to his progeny perpetuating his legacy into the future and beyond. :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm Exhausted! :D

Woke up early and baked some cookies I had promised a coworker who helped me out yesterday. I was kinda sad cause the cookies didn't come out how they usually do and I think its cause I didn't scrape off the excess baking power. The oatmeal cranberry cookies actually came out like scones and I like scones LOL but I was aiming for chewy cookie. I don't think I will bake tomorrow morning, but I am craving chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven with milk. Total breakfast of Champions! LOL I may still if I am dying for the flavor of deliciously warm milk chocolate baked to perfection in a rich cookie dough... oh yum! LOL I am so bad when it comes to baked goods. I love it hot and fresh.

Anyways, pulled a 12 hour day that feels more like 24! :) Ahhh gone are the good ole days when I could stay awake for a week and not bat an eyelash! LOL Now if I don't get at least five hours of sleep I am literally a zombie! A Zombie that is comatose! :D After work I had that nice hour long drive back home... :D It was a nice drive, it always is even in the dark. Got home and now I am vegetating in front of the computer before I go to bed.

Oh I have been really good about eating salad all week long. Yes the never ending battle of lifestyle change! I am really proud that I have gotten up early and prepped my salad for work all week, but I think all this salad is giving me gas. I could do without the gas but vegetables are what they are... gas inducers! :D Yeah I am really tired now! I better go get ready and hit the sack.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A New Background and a Fresh start to blogging again :D

I'm not really a fan of the color green but for some reason I like the way it makes my favorite color blue look :) Blue looks great on green, as well as orange, and brown is not too bad; so because we painted the bathroom blue I painted my room a very nice pea green. The colors of my favorite pictures pop right off the wall LOL ;) So as I was looking for a new background color... I found this wonderful little bit of blue sky with white dreams whispering on a lazy summer breeze over graceful green grass dancing. ;)

I am excited to start blogging again FOR REAL KINE now. Thats what life is all about, little pit stops, but we get up and keep going because its all about the journey leading to our final destination and hopefully for me that is up in the sky deep in the vast beauty of the universe with loved ones surrounding me and angels singing praises to Lord. Yes I just woke up and am feeling very happy refreshed. :)

I just wanted to get on and just do it! Just blog a little and put it out there. Here is a video I did of a wonderfully talented young woman named Chantilly. She wrote and composed these songs. When I sat there recording her I felt of her immense talent. Not just the talent you see on the video, but also the latent talent waiting to burst forth. This was the first time I met her and she was very pleasant, accommodating, and oozing with confidence. I look forward to seeing her talent and spirit grow throughout the years. I hope you enjoy her awesome music.