Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Like My Grandma Would Say....."Ili le Pu!" ;)

Sound the trumpets! Send out the Alarm! I walked two laps... Woohoooo! Yipppeeeee! ;) It is so out of the ordinary for me to do any form of exercise, that in my mind's eye I can totally see my grandma putting her hand to her lips in the motion of blowing a horn or a trumpet. That is what "Ili le pu" means, to blow a horn or a trumpet signifying some great event LOLOL It is usually said in jest or with playful sarcasm. My grandma had a funny sense of humor, and that was one of her favorite lines :)

I actually cannot believe I walked today. I am glad I did. It was two laps around the small circle at BYUH, but it felt like such a far distance to me. I was just going to do one lap, but Coach K's pamphlet about walking in Laie says that I should at least start off with 10 minutes a day for the first week and gradually increase the length and amount of my activity. I did not think it would take me 10 minutes to walk one lap, and I was right. It took me ten minutes to walk two laps. I'm happy with that. I am actually just happy that I did something! "Toot Tooooot!" :)

What a GREAT Day!

I love my nephew :) This is a picture that was sent to my phone the day he graduated from elementary :) But this post is not about him or that day :) This post is about today. I had a GREAT day! I tried to think back to figure out why it turned out so great. The only reason I can think of is because I prayed :) I know yeah! Hallelujah! I love the Lord. I love my Heavenly Father. Today I had my morning prayer and it felt wonderful and amazing! I am not good at praying. I have gratitude always in my heart, and I know that all I have is from Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father, but I know they need me to express it sincerely with love and humility out loud :) This morning I prayed, and throughout this day I have had such a great sense of peace and well being. It was wonderful. I have to challenge myself to keep it up. I love being prayerful. But I am not always. I should say I am not mostly :) I know the Lord knows me through and through, but I also know I still need to pray and humble myself before Him and my Heavenly Father.