Saturday, September 18, 2010

Emosi Damuni Damuni II

I went to a funeral service today and it was very beautiful. I have known this man my whole life as I lived back and forth between American Samoa and Hawaii, but on the other hand I never really knew him. I have always had and do have love in my heart for the Damuni family because my grandparents and parents love them. Its the kind of love that is part me because I choose to love and the other part is like an inherited love because my family loves them. Although I have love in my heart for him I never really knew Brother Damuni and I was afraid of him because he was very fierce in appearance.

We are in the same ward, so this morning I went to help serve the morning refreshment. I really enjoyed doing that. I enjoyed sharing food which I feel also is a comfort to those who came to eat. When all the food for the morning had been served, I went into the chapel and waited for the service to start. I really really enjoyed everything about the service. It was about two hours long and I enjoyed it immensely. When I heard Brother Damuni had passed I actually looked forward to participating in his service because I wanted to learn more about who he was. It was very very nice and heartwarming to hear all that his family had to say in his honor and memory.

Although I was somewhat afraid of Brother Damuni when I was in my youth :D okay and into my adulthood :) I always have and still do admire him. I admired the pride and self-respect he had for who he was and where he came from. Even at a young age I felt his love for his people and his culture shine through all that he did. He was Fijian in every breath that he took and I have always looked up to him for that. I truly believe he was and still is a leader with great presence and strong leadership qualities and whats more is that I see those same qualities he has in his children and grandchildren. What an awesome legacy to leave behind.

I am really truly grateful to have witnessed his farewell from this earth. I admire the man even more and I look forward to his progeny perpetuating his legacy into the future and beyond. :)


Leslie said...

what a beautiful tribute to an amazing man!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Wait, what? Is that Bale's brother in law? With all the kids? How sad. How did he die?

Siana Burgess said...

Emosi Damuni Damuni II is Bale's father. He passed away from cancer and Bale cared for him before he passed away. It has been pretty cool to see the whole Damuni clan all here to pay their last earthly respects to their father/grandfather. They are a very strong family. :D