Saturday, October 16, 2010

Peaceful Joyful Day :D

Today we celebrated the life of Bishop Ernest P. Reid. What a wonderful, amazing, marvelous, loving, kind, and humble human being. I enjoyed his funeral services immensely. I loved listening to his immediate family, those who knew him best, tell us about the side of him few of us were blessed to witness.

I will always be thankful to Bishop Reid for making me feel that I am a person of value and worth. I know that I am of worth, but Bishop Reid made me believe in myself more and loved me unconditionally as a child of God. He was a great father figure in our ward. He always wanted the best for each of us and in his humble soft-spoken way he did his best for us and knit us closer as a ward family. He was truly Christ-like and loved each of us ward members as special and unique individuals.

He made me feel that no obstacle was too big to overcome with the help of the Lord and always encouraged me by example to strive for Christ-like perfection in all that I do. I miss him already. He was such a pillar of strength in our ward, a great light in our midst, and knowing that he has left this earthly existence has made this life a bit gloomy and dim. I know he would not want me or anyone else to feel this way. He would want us to rejoice in his happiness and move forward with joy.

I am thankful for the difference Bishop Reid has made in my life. I pray for the strength and determination to take what I have learned from him and use it to grow and be a better person; a more Christ-like person.


IWA (e - va) said...

Love it..couldnt have explain him better! Thanks for posting. Wish i was there!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

That was so beautiful. And so true. And you are so articulate about it. You should write more. I love you. Thank you for sharing. It made me cry.


I love Iwa too.

Siana Burgess said...

Thanks Iwa and Debbie :D it was a beautiful service a beautiful day.