Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Dinner Night :)

Two of our friends who are mothers. L-R Frankie and Tammy

I had a wonderful evening with my sister and friends. We ate at the Polynesian Cultural Center Ambassador Buffet.
It was deeeeeelicious! LOLOL So many ono kine grinds and no where to put it all.

This was my first plate followed by prime rib, mahimahi, macademia nut chicken, and some tasty desserts :) While we were eating we decided to go and watch the new Star Trek movie. It was really good and very enjoyable.

Here we are striking a Spock pose :) to everyone... "Live long and prosper!"

Happy Mother's Day!!!


Amanda said...

now that is my kind of food!!! and I'm so jealous that you've seen star trek. glad you had a great time!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

YUM! I wish I had gone and partayed with you guys.

We watched Star Trek too, (but without the crab legs).

I will post my review tomorrow.

Dee said...

thats so awesome Siana. Sheesh I've been away from my blog so long with the death of my brother I just don't feel like blogging, but I'm on an upswing. Keep writing I enjoy your blog very much.

Leslie said...

How fun is that!!!! The food looks so YUMMY!!!! Life is so much easier with great FRIENDS!!!

Calidore said...

Glad that your posting again and not facebooking!