Friday, May 8, 2009

Poi Oh Poi!

Nope, its not gray goop! or some old paste! :) Its island goodness at its finest! It is especially good with;
lomilomi salmon, hot kalua pig, or a nice steaming laulau :)

Just another reason why I love Hawaii! :) Mmmmm Sooooo Good!


IWA said...

It looks soo good... I havent had it for soo long.. Now Im hungry for it!

Amanda said...

hmmm does not look so appetizing, however I have heard how loved it is over there.

We had a missionary couple return from a mission in Hawaii and she became enrichment leader in our ward. Her first enrichment event was a Luau and she made fun Hawaiian foods and I vaguely emember poi and thinking the texture was not for me.

So given my texture issue, how do you eat poi? Do you dip, use a spoon/fork, sprinkle it with something that has texture?

Leslie said...

Hawaii at it finest!

Siana Burgess said...

Hi Guys :) Amanda cool that you have had some poi experience :) You dip your finger or spoon in and eat 'em up! :) Some people add cream or milk and a little sugar to sweeten it. Some Hawaiians love it a few days old (not me I like it fresh not fermented LOL). Its the starch of the meal and goes good with poke (poh keh) which is delicious raw fish LOLOL or hot kalua pig or steamed laulau. It actually goes good with meat dishes as well as fish :) YUMMY!

Dee said...

i like mine with Kalua Pig YUMMY

Calidore said...

Your killing me! Give me, give me, give me!!!!