Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Only in Laie :)

Yesterday I was sitting in my living room talking with my Uncle Nifo and the next thing I see are the hulls of the Iosepa racing across my windows. It would have been such a cool indoor shot, but my camera was far away :( I got up grabbed it and tore outside as fast as I could to snap these shots :)

Where else in the "western civilized" world does a vessel of this size and type pass nonchalantly through narrow little neighborhood streets? :) I totally love it. I love being a part of this wonderful community where I never know from one day to another what marvelous miracle I am going to witness. That is what the community of Laie is like; a place of wonder and miracles.

P.S. What is cool is that our street is "Moana" street. In Samoa and throughout Polynesia, moana means ocean.

Moana in the Samoan language means blue. It also means ocean.

When a Samoan speaks of the ocean he or she says, "Moana tele" tele meaning vast and moana meaning ocean or water. :)


The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh that is priceless! And so true. I've been working up a Lucky we live Laie post myself. Hopefully it will be out soon, but this inspires me.

And thank you for all the kind sweet words on my blog yesterday.


Leslie said...

LOVE IT!!!! I agree with the person's comment before me as saying...You're so LUCKY!!!!!

Dee said...

I'm so mental for some reason girl I thought you lived in Hauula. :)