Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Name is Siana and I am an Emotional Eater... :( (151)

At 7:00 am this morning I received a call from my cousin, one of my aunties has passed away. I am just flabbergasted. It seems like people are passing away way too soon! One right after another and these are not strangers, these people are family friends and people within the community. Earlier this afternoon my sister went to a wake of a dear family friend. He died of old age and we are attending his funeral tomorrow. We just attended a funeral this past Saturday of one of our cousins, and now my other cousins and Uncle are planning the funeral of our auntie. It just feels so unreal. Time is going by too fast and I am too slow to change and do what I need to do to live a healthier life.

Today I ate breakfast, lunch, and I also had a snack prepared for dinner, but after work I was STARVING! I just had to eat a jumbo jack and chicken sandwich. I came home and had some sunflower seeds. I was thinking to myself during the ending part of my shift and all the way home, "Why am I starving? I've eaten less before and been more than satisfied." I was wondering if it was because I might be feeling so emotional about everything that is going on, then I got home and read Liz's last comment. I have always thought I was an emotional eater, and today I actually felt like one. It doesn't help either that it is the Christmas holidays. I am going to really be wrestling with myself for the next few days.... Big Time! :(


Dee said...

Welcome Siana, my name is Deana I'm a emotional eater too .sigh

Calidore said...

My name is Rita and I've got my own Chapter of Emotional Eater's Anonymous! Knowing is half the battle...I'm cheering for you, girl.