Thursday, December 4, 2008

Focusing on the Positive (150)

Pops funeral service was beautiful. Vika's father (Vika is a friend and coworker) played beautiful piano music at the viewing for at least two hours straight. We arrived at the viewing at 10 am and he was already playing and played till 12 noon. I call that love and respect. It set a beautiful tone and added to the wonderful spirit of the viewing, and Pops is definitely worth it. It was really nice to hear the thoughts that everyone shared of Pops. He was a man who strove for excellence and perfection in all that he did. He always gave everything he did 200 % effort and focus. He never settled for anything less. He loved the finer things in life, and he worked hard to attain them. He loves our Heavenly Father and he loves his family. The burial service ended at 2:30 pm.

After the services we had lunch and shopped for baskets for our single adult service project this Saturday December 6, 2008. We are caroling and handing out fruit baskets. It felt good to complete that task and mentally check it off of our list of to dos.

With our shopping done, we headed home at about 4 pm. We shopped at Tamuras for necessities :) (food for our dog), went home, got ready, and at 6 pm attended Kahuku High School's production of The Sound of Music. The parents, high school students, and younger children involved in the play all did a marvelous job. The acting, singing, and props were great, and the whole play took at least three hours (I won't say any more about that LOL cause I'm being positive LOL). Suffice to say that my okole (Hawaiian word for buttocks) was so sore and my back was aching, but it was worth it cause we showed our support to members our ward and community and those moments are important in life too. After the play we left the high school at about 10 pm.

I was planning on picking up hours at work tomorrow, but I think I need a rest. These last three weeks have been so busy. It has definitely been a good busy, a busy that needed doing :) but I will be happy to relax tomorrow. :) Signing off while thinking positively! :)

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Liz said...

i love attending funerals of the elderly who lived so righteously. they are sad but also peaceful occasions. i remember attending ti's grandfather's funeral, a man i love deeply, and feeling inspired to do better and be a better person.
how fun that you showed your support for the ward and community tonight.
have a great rest tomorrow. i would come and bother you but i'm going to town with ti. you'll have a great day.