Friday, December 19, 2008

Why does sharing food make it all the more delicious?

Have you ever started into a bag of candy, chips, or cookies, and felt guilty that you were not sharing it with some loved one? Or maybe on your way home you stopped by for a value meal at some fast food drive thru and you felt guilty because you did not buy more for others at home? And as you were eating these foods, did they not taste as good as you thought they would?

On the other hand, have you ever taken one small bag of candy, chips, or cookies, or some small value meal and shared it with like six or seven other people, and did that food not taste like the best you have ever had and wished you had more but you were glad that you shared?

Personally, food always taste better for me when its shared. There is less of it LOL but for some reason the food is so much more delicious than if I had kept it to myself. What is the difference? It is the same food, but it seems like the act of sharing enhances it's flavor. The same thing happens when I make food with love. If I make something with all my heart it always seems to come out tasty, but if I just rush right through the recipe because I am pressed for time, it doesn't taste as good. ;)

I specifically remember my grandmother when I was little telling me I always had to give the best food and the best portions to others. I could not eat alone I always had to have enough to share with everyone or not eat at all because that would be very rude. I remember my mother using an apple as a specific example. She said when I halved an apple to share with someone I had to give the other person the bigger and better half. They taught me this by example so when I do anything less I feel so bad and the food definitely loses its savor.

I don't know why, but doing right by food makes it taste so much more wonderful and it brings me great joy. Food and Joy LOLOL I'm still trying to figure out the correlation between the two other than the comfort I get when I eat something I crave. Food within society in general is a touchy subject no matter what culture we are raised in. I think it would make for an interesting topic of study within the Pacific because food is a very important way of expressing ourselves to one another. :)


Blake and Leslie said...

I totally agree! It never taste as good when I thinking just of myself. I also agree about it you make something with all your heart it tend to taste great but when you don't want to or press for time, it just doesn't. I loved this post because I believe in most culture, food play a big part.

Dee said...

i'm so bad! I always throw away the evidence when I go to a drive thru. :)

Siana Burgess said...

Dee... I left that part out of my public thoughts! LOLOL But yes those RARE instances left me wracked with guilt! LOL

IWA said...

Your very right... But truthfully.. If i dont have to share I wont! LOL!..... I know, I got issues!