Friday, December 19, 2008

The Clean Sweet Smell of a Wood Burning Fire

About twenty minutes ago on my way home from work, as I passed Hauula Beach Park, I caught a good clean whiff of a wood burning fire. I LOVE that smell! A blur of memories flashed through my mind of girls camp, ward camp, kumbayah, and lovely yummy creamy sticky smores! LOL I just love it! I don't know why I never make the time to go out super late at night and have me a wood burning fire at the beach! LOLOL I have a similar experience when I smell the fire of freshly mown grass and dry dead leaves after a good yard clean-up. Those memories are of family, cleaning, and of good times past with many people who are long gone. As I was driving home I thought about the fire and the smoke. I thought to myself how funny it is that the smoke of a wood burning fire should smell so clean and sweet and bring such wonderful memories to mind.

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Dee said...

i know what you brings back the memories of wonderful times camping for me too!