Monday, December 1, 2008

One More Day Closer to My Goal :D (153)

Got up at 3:30 am, quickly got ready for work, and rushed out the door. Yes, I did not prepare again! Ugh! I did okay, but I was hungry, so when a friend came by and offered butter and chocolate mochi... I capitulated! LOL I laugh but really I am crying inside :( I stopped eating at 7:30 pm but forgot like at 9:00 pm and had eaten two handfuls of buttered popcorn. I just got home from work minutes ago, and I still feel like I am doing okay. I resisted a delicious roll of Rolo's yummy chocolate covered caramels... Ohhh how I wish I could have eaten those :) but I didn't :) And right outside my bedroom fudge brownies and pumpkin mochi lie in wait! Ughhh! LOL I am resisting!


Amanda said...

you got up at 3:30AM and quickly got ready for work but didn't return from work until really late at night? What do you do? Sounds like terrible hours!

Blake and Leslie said...

Girl, one step at a time and sometimes you will take a step back but just take another step forward.

Dee said...

resistance!!!!!!! We need shirts don't you think? lol people will wonder what political party we are advocating, what cause?

Well just be like oh we are resisting eating when we know we shouldn't be lol

Siana Burgess said...

Hi Amanda, I was at work for two shifts cause I car pool with my sister. I slept for the first half so it wasn't so bad. I'm only working my shift today so thats good :D Today is more normal than yesterday (if that makes any sense) LOLOL

Leslie I appreciate your great energy and I totally feel your support :D

Dee :) I think a T-Shirt is a really good idea... any thoughts on the design? LOLOL