Saturday, December 20, 2008

Silent Infiltration HIFF 2003 (short film)

Uploaded by sianajb

The opening aerial and outer island shots were purchased stock footage courtesy of Pacific Focus.
Every other shot is mine :) The music and chanting at the beginning are the Tovey family from Laie. The woman chanting is Kura Tovey. The Tovey family Dave, Kura, Peter and Jonathan were so cool and awesome to go out of their way to help me realize my vision. I wanted the music to be representative of the Pacific so there are drum beats and chants from various Pacific cultures. It was recorded by a dear friend, Kekoa Ahuna. Making this short was a LOT of FUN.

The short is about a Pacific islander spy who comes from a dysfunctional family. Despite the hardships he faced growing up he becomes one of Hawaii's top spies. Although successful, he is still unhappy. While he is trying to figure things out, someone is trying to kill him.

This is not a Pacific islander trying to figure out his life in a white world, but a Pacific islander living the human experience in a human world. It's not about color but about similar struggles we all face and only when we are willing to slow down and take the time to ponder things out and make some sacrifices can we find true joy and happiness.

The main character's name is Sai after my brother who passed away. His last name is Lent because only when we are "Sai Lent" and ponder things through can we find our way through the help of our Savior. The main girl's name is Alamoni after my great grandmother who was named after the first missionary tract in Samoa. Her name means "true path." The short is meant to be serious and yet fun at the same time LOLOL I hope you all enjoy it.


Blake and Leslie said...

Siana, WOW! I truly enjoyed it!

IWA said...

I remember the showing at BYUH... Kalei invited me and we had the best night! The film was really good and then you invited Ilona Irvine to sing... (she is my favorite Island musician.. really!) I was so happy that I got to meet her... i often think about that night.. It was so fun!

You have great talent!

Amanda said...

I'm so impressed! Great short, I enjoyed watching have an eye for videography and the island is beautiful!

Liz said...

girlfriend, time for you to drop the ua job in the garbage and do what you were truly meant to do! haha! decisions decisions decisions. doesn't watching that make you want to make another film?
i really enjoyed it. you got some gifts, girlfriend. don't be hiding them under a bushel, now!

Dee said...

that was so good! I don't even know how you did that?
You need to pursue this passion of yours!

Siana Burgess said...

Thanks guys! :D I am working at my dream. I have never given it up but am slowly trying to find a way to do more with what I know and learn more too. I can only get better right? LOL I believe that. There is always room for improvement and I enjoy the process of it all. Good luck to you all too in all that you endeavor to do to realize your dreams! With Lots of Love, Me! :)

*Lisi* said...

Siana that was truly powerful and thought-provoking. I appreciate the image of being trapped that you actually frightened me a little. We have such an amazing opportunity to be free, both here and forever, it's scary to think that we create the ties that will bind us down....thank you for sharing

Leann said...

That was AMAZING! I just loved the beautiful scenery mixed in with your filming. You my cousin are a very talented woman. You better keep it up and dont you dare stop doing what you love to do. Or else im gonna have to come over there and ring your hear.:)