Tuesday, November 25, 2008

An All Consuming Struggle LOL ... (159)

When I decided I wanted to be fabulous at 40, I did not want my blogging to be all about weight loss. Unfortunately, when it comes down to writing, that is all that has been on my mind :D The battle of... "To Eat? or, Not To Eat?" those are the questions. LOL To be honest, the cravings have not lessened, but my will power and resolve not to eat after 7:30 pm has grown stronger. Last night, again I was struggling with the cravings. Bad habits are so hard to break. You know you have it bad when roasted, chocolate covered, and barbecued "June bugs" from Maine have you drooling LOL (Yes I was watching Bizarre Foods LOL), but I believe that as I continue to resist and not break that rule of not eating after 7:30 pm, I will nurture and develop a very good, strong, and desireable habit :D

Yes, I am still going strong :) and I do need to work at drinking more water and less milk.


Ipo said...

That sounds like a major bizarre food! Anyways, I'm glad to see that you are committed to blogging your progress on a daily basis. It helps, doesn't it? Just keep on keeping on sis!

Dee said...

hey you have to blog your life and thoughts! and right now you like me are really thinking about our health, tomorrow its back to strict routine for me