Friday, November 28, 2008

Being Late is not Great LOL (156)

I got up late for work today so it was out the door without anything prepared to eat for breakfast or lunch (not recommended). Good thing I grabbed a plate my aunt had me bring home from our Thanksgiving dinner and a bunch of ripe bananas and that held me until I was able to get home this evening and have a good dinner. I ate till 8 pm tonight but I am full and satisfied :) LOLOL I had some hard lichee candy at work to get me by (yes I am so bad! LOL but still working at being better!). In the islands the celebrations don't end until the holidays do :) Thanksgiving, Christmas, and then New Years LOLOL I'm happy though with my progress so today was just okay.


Liz said...

girlfriend, you still are doing so good! i tried on thanksgiving night not to eat past 7:30 and i actually succeeded! but not last night. haha! junk. tonight again though. it's hard to remember to eat dinner early but it's worth it.
ok, i'll see you today if you're not working. bringing lots of tissue to cry lots of tears.

Amanda said...

Even though the holiday season is a difficult time to watch what you're eating, think of how much better off you are then if you weren't paying'd have lots of extra pounds to face after the first of the year. You're doing great!!! Pat yourself on the back.

Dee said...

stick to it! I got off track, and am acknowledging it here on your comments. Back to the grind tomorrow.