Saturday, November 15, 2008

Where is a cop when you need one? :D

A couple of nights ago my sister and I were driving home from work and talking about how our evening had gone. As we passed Haiku Rd I saw a cop waiting on traffic as if he would be following in our direction. We stopped at the red light right after the Temple Valley intersection and seconds later we were rear ended. Our conversation stopped mid sentence and I looked up to see that the light was still red. My sister and I looked at each other like, "Oh my gosh! I can't believe we just got hit!" I'm thinking, "I hope that cop I saw is nearby," and I was also hoping nothing was wrong with the car.

With nothing else to do we both jumped out of the car to find that we were rear ended by that same police car I had seen on Haiku Rd.... bad brakes. The officer had gone back to his car for paper to give us his information. I saw a license plate lying on the road and reached down to pick it up and the officer is like... "Oh, uh, that's mine." He proceeds to ask if anything is wrong with our car, and of course I hem and haw and point out a couple of "small kine" scratches :D then he asks if either one of us is hurt and I'm like reaching for my neck like I had been whip lashed :D I thought it was really funny that we had been rear ended by a police officer, and I was just trying to joke with the officer to make him feel at ease. I also thought it was funny that he didn't give himself a ticket :D

Thankfully we were fine, able to drive off on our own, and outwardly the vehicle is fine too. We still need to take it in for servicing and at that time we can see if anything was really thrown out of whack.


Calidore said...

Who knew all you had to do was wait at a red light and get rear-ended to finally get a cop? LOL!! I hope you and Puni are okay and no damage to the car (still laughing). I bet that cop is going to have a hard time explaining what happened when he got back to the station (short chuckles). I carry this thought with me all day.... ***starts laughing again***


Siana Burgess said...

Hi Rita :D Tell me about it :D I laughed all the way into the next day and I still smile when I think of that moment. Poor guy. Its really funny to remember his expression when he was asking about the scratches and any bodily injuries and can you imagine me with my acting skills? LOLOL But I did tell him I was just kidding. I hope that never happens again! :D Siana