Sunday, November 23, 2008

Still Going Strong :) (162)

Today was a good day with no candy or sweets and no eating after 7:30 pm. I even cooked shoyu chicken (I make a mean shoyu chicken) and rice late into the evening and I was able to resist. I'm proud about that. It helped, of course, that I had eaten earlier and was filled. I am happy with today.


Amanda said...

Siana, you've inspired me to pull out some of my healthy recipes :) I'm slowly posting them on What's For Dinner and I've added a new label called "Healthy" so pop over to grab some healthy recipes.

One trick I've used in the past is when I make something that I love and feel that I'll have a hard time limiting my portions then immediately after making it I portion it out into small storage containers and store in the refrigerator or freezer. Then when I want some I grab one small portion rather than scooping from a large bowl and risk eating too much :)

Blake and Leslie said...

Girl, you're strong! AWESOME! I know for me it's the hardest not to eat after 8pm, So I drink some water.

Liz said...

wait, i need something more than water, leslie!! what about crystal light? or something else. i'm having the worst time not eating after 7;30!! my cinnamon rolls came out at 10 pm and since my family visited, we all had a very late night snack!! yuk! i need an intervention. now! haha!
siana, keep goin' girl, you're helping me too!