Thursday, November 20, 2008

Savoring a Tall Glass of Cold Milk :P (165)

Got home at midnight and just sat back savoring a nice tall glass of cold milk while contemplating my day. :D It was a good day. I am still resisting LOLOL and I don't think its going to get any easier, but I am working at it. During the ride home I was feeling very ravenous. I don't know why it is, but after work I just want to grind big time. I think it is just part of my old pattern of eating cause that's what I would do, come home and either stop along the way and eat fast food, or get home and have a big meal.

I am trying my best to put those "grind times" behind me. Today is actually the third day I got up and prepared my meal before work. Usually I'll stop and buy something for lunch which would lead to buying a lot of other unnecessary stuff (junks LOL). Now, I am just trying to stay away from eating things made any place else but home, unless its some kind of event or a meal out with a friend ;)

I have to say blogging my thoughts really helps me to keep focused. When I feel like giving in I think about the little progress I have made and I don't want to take any steps back. I just want to be strong and move forward!


Blake and Leslie said...

You Can Do It! and you are! Hooray!

Dee said...

when I was on a swing shift, 7-3am, I had a hard time figuring out when to eat. I would be hungry at the end of my shift because I would work 8 hours. I would try to eat before I went to work and leave it at that but your still expending energy and it needs to be replenished, as far as your body knows it's day time and time for you to eat. Keep on trying to fight that urge and go to sleep instead of eating.

Ipo said...

Great job, Siana!! You have all of us cheering you on!! Thanks for blogging about it all!!

Calidore said...

Good going Gladys!! Keep up the good work.