Sunday, November 16, 2008


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Wow, so this is what being tagged feels like :) .... blank! LOLOL I'm drawing a total blank here, cause I'm not one who freely shares of myself especially publicly. On top of that, I only know of like four other bloggers and Ipo and Rita are two of them so I'm short like four people to tag. But being the wonderful brave and courageous soul that I am, :D I will press forward and persevere. I will go against the four odds and just invite... I mean tag :D two others :D

1. What to say, what to say about myself? I'm repeating myself so that I can take up some blog space here :D Seriously though, I was born in 1969 and according to the Chinese Zodiak I am born under the sign of the Rooster. When I first read that, I thought to myself... rooster? I am such a scaredy cat so it fit :) but what I was really truly hoping for was the powerful and most lucky sign of... the dragon or... the tiger :D (Rarrr!)... not the rooster! (Bahgock!) And if I was to be born under the sign of a smaller animal, why not the cute bunny? ;) Shhh! Don't tell my sister! (She's a bunny and being a rooster I will never live this comment down! :D ) At least I wasn't born under the sign of the "dirty" rat! :) Shhh! Don't tell my brother! He might feel bad! :( Nah, I'm sure being born under that sign has it's perks (yeah right! :D ) Anyways!

2. I don't believe in stuff being written in the stars and zodiak mumbo jumbo, I just think its fun to read about once in a while and what I find is that although I don't believe in it, some of the attributes of one born under the sign of the Rooster (Yes, capital R for the Rooster here!) are very similar to me. One of which is that Roosters are very "observant" people. I mention this because whenever I watch a movie in a theater or on television or even as I watch commercials I will always find the Rooster in the background! LOLOL SERIOUSLY! I know I kill my sister with these observations, but Roosters are EVERYWHERE! :D If you ever notice, and without my brilliant powers of observation I think it will be hard ;) , but on movie sets and commercials there is usually always a Rooster statue somewhere in the background. We have DVR so I will literally rewind the movie or commercial and off handedly ask my sister... "Puni, did you see that?" and she's like, "What?" So she will focus with me on the replay and I will say, "What's that in the background?" Heh heh heh. ;) And then she see's that awesome wonderful shape and knows... who the master of the bunny is! LOLOL "Silly rabbit!" Tricks are for Roosters! :) It's all in fun. We have a Rooster vs. rabbit rivalry onscreen and you guessed it... the Rooster is winning! LOLOL

3. I'm amazed. I really didn't think I would have much to say about myself, but somehow its all pouring out of me. LOLOL Let me see... My passion in life is making movies. I havent made one yet, but I have done television programs on our local community television channels. I actually worked for community television for about four years before resigning and changing jobs. I love production and my goal in life is to make at least one awesome movie. I can do it! Yes I can! :D

4. I resigned from my community television job that I loved to pursue another passion of mine which is linked to the first :D yes... I am very passionate! LOLOL I now work in the travel industry as a reservations agent for a major airline. Maybe you have talked to me? When making travel arrangements for your family or business? And yes I was that super agent that assisted your every need with a wonderful smile in my voice :D Yup yup yup! That is me! Super Agent! ;) Getting back to my other passion :) ... I love to travel. I wanted to see the world with my own two eyes. I didn't want someone else to define it for me. I know people don't do that on purpose, but every image we see whether it is in books, magazines, television, or on the movie screen, is someone elses perspective. I know I won't get to see the whole of the earth on my own, but the more of it I see the better and I think as a filmmaker that is important. It makes my own images authentic to who I am and what I feel.

5. So serious yeah? :D That is another Rooster characteristic of mine. I actually like being serious. I can laugh and joke, but when I need to be, I can be serious. The serious side of me helps me to be focused and zoom in on my goals.

6. I am grateful. I am grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who sent his only begotten son, Jesus Christ, to atone for my sins. I am thankful to my elder brother Jesus for his atonement so that I can someday return home to our Father. I am thankful for the Holy Ghost who ever guides and directs me to do what is right. And I am so thankful for my wonderful family here on earth, who love support cherish and protect me in all that I do.

I cannot believe that I thought I would have trouble listing 6 random things about myself. :) I actually enjoyed this little exercise! I now choose ;) to tag LOLOL... Liz and Amanda.

P.S. I went to tell Liz she is tagged and I ran into Leslie. Leslie you are tagged too! LOLOL Yee Haw! I am beating the odds already and its only been seconds since I posted this! I feel GOOD!

I also tag Debbie! Yea Debbie! I forgot I knew you as a blogger because I was unable to follow your blog. (it's only been a few minutes and the odds are now stacked in my favor! ;) )


Liz said...

wait, this is a hard tag, girlfriend! but i'll do it because i have way too much rage in me right now. hahaha! i bet you couldn't tell from my last post! haha! so it's time to focus on other aspects of my life! ha! i'll work on it and let you know.

Dee said...

i'm a sheep.....baaaaaaaaa

Ipo said...

I am a Monkey!! Thanks for playing along, Siana, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post!

Amanda said...

I am sorry I've not addressed this yet...have had a busy week, but I'll try to figure out the tagged bit and participate!

I really look forward to getting to know you!