Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lunch with Lizzie :) (164)

Today has been such an emotional day. For once in I don't know how long LOL I actually followed through with a friend and we lunched together as planned. It took us a few months :) since we had originally said, "We should go out to lunch sometime," on June 30, 2008 :D (I remember cause it was enrichment night and Liz was one of our guest speakers), and I am glad we actually did it. We met up at Chili's in Mililani at about 12:30 pm and we didn't leave until 4:10 pm and yes we both talked the whole time! Or maybe I did most of the talking :D

Liz Kaili is just one of those people you meet in your life that you feel you can trust and be open with. I have always felt at home with her and as our friendship has grown I have been able to share my thoughts with her openly. I know she is not perfect, and has her own personal issues to deal with in her life as we all do, but she is always willing to reach out and be supportive of and listen to others. We had a good lunch. Neither of us ordered dessert cause we were both so full, and we both drank water so that was pretty good too.

After our awesome lunch I went to pick up my sister from work only to find that she had left a few hours earlier with a close friend whose father had just passed away. I rushed over to Tripler Army Medical Center and caught them just as they were leaving. I got to meet our friend's niece and gave her a ride to our friend's home. On our way out of the hospital parking lot we decided, my friend's niece and I, that the family needed a nice treat, a pick-me-upper to enjoy together in memory of "Pops." We chose to buy vanilla ice-cream, chocolate fudge cake, and some "Liliha Bakery Chantilly Cocoa Puffs."

Yes, today was not such a good day. I didn't feel pressure to eat the cocoa puffs (I had 2 :( ) but socially, dare I say even culturally, I felt I needed to eat not only cause I was tempted and I knew it would taste good LOL, but also to appreciate the gesture. I don't know if that makes any sense or not but I feel that is a lot of what it was.

I was bad, but I actually wasn't too bad (rationalizing LOL). Though my meal was a bit rich (meaning high in fat and calories) I didn't eat all of my lunch, I did eat two cocoa puffs, ate until 8 pm, and had a tall glass of lemonade and milk (very tall LOL...*Sigh*). I will never give up, never surrender! I am still in this fight to the end! I weigh myself tomorrow..Yikes! .... (Don't worry, I am too shy to share it on my blog LOLOL)


Liz said...

oh my gosh! how sad about your friend's father! i hope all is well with the family. they're very blessed to the support and friendship of you and puni.

and girlfriend, you hardly ate anything at lunch and let it go about the puffs. just sayin'!

Ipo said...

I love your attitude! It's inspiring. What's life but to enjoy it a little? You're still determined to reach your goals and that's what matters!! Hope all is well with Puni's friend and her family.

Blake and Leslie said...

It's awesome to have good friends, that you're able to speak freely with!

As for the sweet, GIRL!, it's okay! It's okay occasionally to treat yourself!

Again your friend are truly lucky and blessed to have you and Puni in their lives.

Paulo said...

I like your blog.

Calidore said...

Think "brick walls!" You can do it!

:) rita