Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Census Bureau Testing... (166)

Yea!!! I made it to the 1:00 pm test session :) you know... the one at 10:00 am was just too early for me. It didn't help that I had to do laundry. When my laundry was done I rushed down to Hauula Kam Hwy chapel smelling fresh and clean and made it just as the facilitator was starting the application process. The test wasn't so bad, but I haven't taken a test in eons and I felt a little pressured. :) I did okay and will wait to see if I get called.

The facilitator is actually the manager of the census here in Hawaii and he was pretty cool. He told us that all across the island there has been small turn outs to the testing sessions, so when coming to Hauula he decided to forgo the maybe 2 or 3 test assistants that usually accompany the facilitator. It was a big mistake because he had a big turn out here on our side. Poor guy had to pass everything out, gather them back in, and then pass more sheets out again. There was a lot to go over and I totally felt for him cause he had to jump from table to table and there were quite a few of us and lots more earlier and after our group. I was actually surprised at the turn out, there were lots of friends and community members from Laie and Kahuku in attendance as well. It's a funny thought to think of the census force being comprised of the latter day saints of Hawaii (Laie, Kahuku, and Hauula) :) going house to house counting the people of our state.

The application process and testing actually took about two hours. It took a while because there was only one man checking and verifying everyones identification, otherwise it would have been a quicker process. I am glad I was able to get off of work to try out for the census jobs. Depending on what the job is a person can make anywhere between $15 - $18.50 and its only temporary for anywhere between 1 to 18 months.

Well, another day has passed and I have been able to stay away from sweets and junk food. I cannot remember what time I stopped eating yesterday evening. It was probably around 8 pm. I am, however, committing myself today to not eat past 7:30 pm daily, except for special gatherings ;) I feel good about myself. Two good days and more to come.


Calidore said...

Okay Ms. Census, you go on with your counting. I flubbed today and had a box of chocolate whoppers. I ate the whole box and didn't even think of the consequenses until I read your blog. Bad Rita! Bad Rita!. Okay, starting day 1, again! *sigh*


Siana Burgess said...

Heh heh heh :D Go Rita! Its not easy but I try not to think about it cause when I do I'm like I want it so I try to stay away from the thoughts! LOLOL Like right now I'm fighting with my wonderful imagination! LOLOL

Liz said...

girlfriend, i hope you get the position.
i stayed away from the junk today too! yay!! i decided to make a short and succinct list of things i wanna do before 40. you're inspiring me, siana!

Blake and Leslie said...
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Blake and Leslie said...

Way to go girl! I thinks it great that you made it through another day without sweets!YIPEE!
I hope you get the job and hear from them soon!

Dee said...

is it census time already? Hmmm maybe I should check into that here in this area. ??

Ipo said...

Oh, I hope you get the position! And great job on the goals you're setting! Keep up the great work!!