Saturday, November 29, 2008

Glory be to God on High (155)

Today my cousin and her husband said good-bye to their 3 year old son. I cannot even imagine the pain of having your own child pass away before you, but my cousin and her husband are so strong and the funeral services were very beautiful. It was so wonderful to hear the testimonies shared today that Jesus Christ lives, and that through his Atonement, our good works and faith in Him, our families can be together forever. It was so awesome to see the love and support showered upon this beautiful young family not only from their immediate and extended families, but also from community and ward members too.

At the burial site the rain poured during the blessing of the grave site, but no matter, everyone there was filled with love for this young boy and his family. There were so many people there, family and friends, paying their respect and sharing their love with this lovely family. I could feel Heavenly Father's spirit there blessing those in attendance with comfort and peace. No one seemed to want to leave the burial site, it was as if people were trying to prolong their good-byes with young Rayden.

It was the same at the luncheon after the burial. There was beautiful music shared by Rayden's Uncles and cousins, the food was delicious and served with a lot of love and happiness, and even after the food was served, and the tables and chairs put away, so many people remained behind unwilling to say good-bye to one another. There was such a beautiful feeling of love and support and it touched my soul and filled me with such great joy. I really had a very beautiful comforting peaceful day.

In regards to what happened physically :D I did have a few pieces of cake (I was starving!) and I was so parched after walking around and taking pictures (which I did with much Happiness and Joy LOL), that I had a super sized diet soft drink. I was really craving for some of that refreshing carbonated fizz. :) I did stop eating by 7:30 pm.


Blake and Leslie said...

My heart is sick for Jermaine and Teisa and their lost. I'm so grateful for the gospel and the truth we know.

As for having a piece a cake, don't sweat it because you still kept your goal about not eating after 7:30.

Liz said...

hey siana,
i'm so glad you were there taking photos. i didn't see anyone doing that and i know that family will want to remember all the love and support of their family and community that day.

Dee said...

i heard about this little one from my nephew Kolu, so sad.This was the Kaka's son right? God is there in the pain.